Planning Practice and Administration
Thu, 2013-04-25 - Fri, 2013-05-03
No. Date Time Speaker Tentative Title of the Lecture
1. Thursday 25th April, 2013 2.00 p.m Planner Hellen Nzainga Planning in the New Legal Dispensation
2. Tuesday, 30th April, 2013 2.00 p.m Ethics & Anti-corruption Authority Ethics in the Planning Profession
3. Thursday 2nd May 2012 10.00 a.m

Planner Mwai (Private Planner)

Opportunities and Challenges in Planning Profession
4. Friday 3rd 25th May, 2013 10.00 a.m Director of Physical Planning, Planner A. Masinde Future of Land Use Planning in Kenya


Dept. Urban &Regional Planning
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Chairman, DURP