Regional Planning

Prof. I.K. Mwangi

Headed by: Prof. I. Karanja



  1. To  provide required academic and professional knowledge needed to understand and manage complexities of sustainable development change at the regional level in Kenya.
  2. Provide an indepth knowledge and critical understanding of the complex interactions among the natural and built environment, institutional organizational systems and the dynamic nature of urban and regional sustainable development.
  3. To enhance student capacity, to conduct research and disseminate outputs in the field of regional planning.

Thematic Areas

  • Metropolitan  Regional Areas
  • Resource regional and their development challenges
  • Arid and semi-arid regions of the country
  • Potential and development challenges
  • Cross boundary regional resource issues among counties
  • Regional development policy research and policy formulation
  • Cross boundary  international resource issues, conflicts and development prospects
  • Regional development in the matrix of urban development.

1.BUR 101Introduction to Planning

2.BUR 102Rural Planning Principles and Techniques

3.BUR 300Regional Planning Principles & Techniques II

4.BUR 309Research Methodology

5.BUR 400Planning Practice & Administration

6.BUR 403Regional Development Theory

7.BUR 404Regional Planning Studio

8.BUR 405Planning Research Project

9.BUR 407Regional Planning Studio I

10.BUR 500Theory of Planning II

11.BUR 510Research Methods for Planners I

12.BUR 601Planning Principles and Techniques III