Vision, Mission, Core Values and Core Functions


The Department of Urban and Regional Planning aspires to be a centre of excellence in training, research and professional guidance in urban and regional planning in the region.


The Department's mission is to produce high level professional skills for the nation and the region in the field of urban and regional planning and development through training, research and professional guidance/extension.

Core Values

The core values are the institutions' foundation principles and beliefs, which set the pace for corporate decision-making and individual actions.  The discipline of urban and regional planning is concerned with the efficient planning and management of human settlements, resource use and the conservation of the built and natural environment. We are committed to:

  • Academic freedom, creativity, innovativeness and visionary operational
  • Academic and professional excellence, integrity and reliability.
  • As a team (faculty and students working together)
  • Accountable to one another, to the ideas of the University of Nairobi and the the nation in the teacing of the discipline of urban and regional planning.
  • Creating opportunities for all (students and staff) to excel and contribute towards nation building and social responsibility.
  • Commitment to individual and collective research and publication, teaching and extension services to the nation and the region.
  • Creating and maintaining national and international partnerships for the advancement of the discipline of urban and
  • Committed to the common public interest.

Core Functions

  • Teaching and learning – The University offers adequate, innovative, relevant and market driven academic programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with in-built quality control systems. Further, the University provides an enabling environment for integrated growth for students and staff.
  • Research & Extension - As part of its mandate to generate, preserve and disseminate knowledge, the University has created a conducive environment to undertake quality and relevant research and extension services.
  • Consultancy – The University has integrated consultancy within its core functions.
  • Community service – The University participates in community programmes and activities as part of its corporate social responsibility.