Infrastructure & Services

Infrastructure & Services

Infrastructure & Services Thematic Areas

The role of infrastructure and Services in Propping urban and rural livelihoods cannot be gainsaid.  Their direct and indirect contribution to GDP growth through enabling citizens to live safely, transfer goods and services, the convenient management of resources and simply making life easy and relaxed cannot possibly be quantified.  The living environment is alive because of infrastructure, physical and social infrastructure and the wherewithal we carry out all our daily socio-economic activities as well as generate wealth.

 Course CodesCourse Description

1.BUR 206Infrastructure & Utilities Planning I

2.BUR 303Planning for Transportation

3.BUR 313Urban Planning Studio I

4.BUR 312Urban Planning Studio II

5.BUR 506Planning for Transportation

6.BUR 508Planning for Engineering Services

7.BUR 512Urban Planning Studio

8.BUR 515Information Technology in Planning


Ongoing Projects

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Urban and Regional Planning can find employment in NGO's, County Governments, Central Governments UN Bodies- UNCRD, UNEP, UN-Habitat, Parastatals – Nairobi County Council (NCC), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), ENNDA, Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning Departments, National Lands Commission (NLC), Regional Development Authority and Water and Sewerage Companies under the Water Act.