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Department of Urban and Regional Planning 2nd Year 2021 Students Conducted a Regional Study in Ndeiya from 17th - 20th August 2021

The field work involves collecting information from different government departments, business enterprises, households, women/youth groups and community worship and cultural facilities.  The information collected will be used to formulate an integrated Rural Development Plant for the ward.

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On-going Examinations for First years articulation of CAD and GIS and model making

The first years were requested to plan for the Inland Container Depot in Maai Mahiu, Naivasha for their site planning studio. The site in 1000 acres in size. It is flanked by the Naivasha - Narok road to the north and the SGR to the south. The class was divided into 4 groups, with each presenting an alternative and a preferred site proposal. The presentation was done by use of powerpoint, printed and hand-drawn scaled A1 format pinned-up presentations, digital 3D modelling, a physical model and oral presentation.