Department of Urban and Regional Planning 4th Year 2021 Students are Conducting an On-going Regional Study in Naivasha from 22nd - 29th July 2021

4th Year  2021 is conducting a Regional Study in Naivasha Sub County whose  research involves collection of data on various thematic areas including households and Industrial data and also agricultural activities in Naivasha Sub County. More

Naivasha is a fast growing urban area with significant agricultural developments owing to the fresh water sources from Lake Naivasha. The impact of the floriculture industry has seen the development of numerous activites which are interrelated. Naivasha boosts a rich wildlife resource which attracts tourists and visitors. The growing hospitality industry has been attributed to the large numbers of visitors from within and outside the country.

The 2021 regional studio will explore existing development challenges and existing potentials which can be explored to ensure socio-economic development. The outcomes of the studio are expected to be shared with key stakeholders including the County Government of Nakuru to influence policy and development decisions.