Examination of pedestrian infrastructure provision in densely populated Kenyan suburbs. Case study of Kangemi

With increased urbanization, in Kenya, compounded by increased rural to urban migration,
studies have shown that the city of Nairobi attracts the largest proportions of those migrating to
urban areas. This influx in population also translates to an increase in population in the
neighboring towns. This has an implications pedestrian population, and the strain on pedestrian
infrastructure. This ultimately results into increased competition for shared facilities, such as
roads; and also increased conflict among various road users, pedestrians included.
This paper reviews and analyses provision of pedestrian infrastructure facilities, focusing on
Kangemi Shopping Centre.
The research work has six chapters. First, is the introduction, which presents the theoretical
framework for pedestrian facilities, also, highlighting the general situation at the national level,
then narrows down to Kangemi.
After the introduction is a background of the study areas. This chapter focuses on creating a
better understanding of the study area. Some of the features highlighted are the location of the
study area in relation to Nairobi site and situation, .historical development of Africa, Physical
environment characteristics, Rainfall and Temperature, Topography and drainage, Soil and
Vegetation, Population and demographic characteristics, Population size, Population Projection,
Population Structure and Composition.
The methodology of the study has also been highlighted. This part aims at creating an
understanding of how the study was carried out in terms of the research design, including its
various phases, preparation of data collection instruments, methods of data collection, analysis
interpretation and presentation.
The chapter on literature review looks into past similar studies. An extensive literature review
was conducted to identify key findings and gaps in pedestrian safety. The literature review
included an examination various journal articles, comprehensive studies, broad-based syntheses,
pedestrian design technical references, analyses of the pedestrian safety research literature.