Traffic flow challenges on Jogoo Road: Case of Donholm roundabout


The traffic situation on Jogoo Road is wanting. The traffic snarl-up along Jogoo Road is a nightmare to most motorists and passengers using the corridor due to its inaccessibility during the rush hours.

It takes an average of 2 to 2 ½ for a motorist to cover the stretch from the City stadium roundabout to the Donholm roundabout. The urgent need to address the problem is long overdue considering its toll on the road users. This study is geared towards establishing the root causes of the phenomena, that is, the bottleneck(s) along the road with the sole objective being finding appropriate long term planning intervention measures to curb the situation. Various methods of collecting and analyzing data will be employed to realize the above objective. Besides the perceived conspicuous causes of the traffic situation, there are other underlying causes that this investigative study is skewed to look at. As stated above; Planning Towards The Improvement of accessibility on Jogoo Road this study will help unravel underlying problems such as road reserve encroachment, sprawling growth patterns along the corridor and poor traffic management that contribute towards the Jogoo road traffic congestion and the established findings be analyzed and the recommendations implemented to the letter to aid in arresting the precarious situation, the recommendations can also be replicated elsewhere where similar challenges are being experienced. It is also worth mentioning that the Jogoo road traffic congestion not only affects the motorists and the other road users but also indirectly affects the masses living along the road hence
a solution to curb the situation will go along way in solving other extended problems experienced directly use the road.


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