Assessment of Provision of Quality Housing in a Rural Trading Centre on the backdrop of Emerging Cities Case Study of Malili Trading Centre.

Malili Centre exhibits all the conditions for the development of an informal settlement. This research
endeavored to examine the extent of the rise of informal activities within the Centre and came up with
recommendations that will guide the development of the Centre sustainably.
The study involved secondary and primary data. The secondary data was obtained from literature review
while the primary data was collected from the area of study by use of the following research tools;
questionnaires, observation lists and oral interviews. Various methods of data collected were employed
which are administration of questionnaires, observation taking of photographs conducting interviews and
mapping. The data collected was analyzed and is presented in chapter four, inform of charts, tables, maps
and photographs.
The study established there is increase in activity within Malili Centre since conceptualization of Konza
Technology City. This has led to increase in resident population within the Centre as some people have
moved into the Centre in search of employment while other have moved in to establish business activities.
The increase in population within the Centre has resulted to various challenges: inadequate housing,
emergence of informal business activities, environmental degradation and straining of the available
infrastructure. The problem of inadequate housing has been addressed by construction of temporary
structures. These structures are walled using iron sheets. Informal business activities have emerged within
the Centre. Most of the businesses do not have trading licenses. These businesses are established in
temporary structures. Some of the structures area constructed on the road reserves. Majority of the
structures within the Centre lack sanitation facilities like toilets. The Centre lacks a waste collection
system and this has led to piling up of waste within the Centre. All these in combination have given the
Centre an informal character.
Thus, the study recommended for a redevelopment of the Centre by observing measures that promote
sustainability. The new developments will comprise of commercial and residential use. The
redevelopment approach will encompass several aspects which include: provision of affordable and
decent housing typologies, development of a formal market to accommodate the existing informal
commercial activities, improvement of transport infrastructure and provision of basic amenities.

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