The effects of uncontrolled development on drainage system. A case of study of Pipeline estate Nairobi.

Handcarts as a mode of goods transport, play a major role in many African cities. In Nairobi
Kenya, they are a source of livelihood and support many small businesses within the city.
However, handcarts are known to cause congestion and are associated with the past times among
other issues. The minimal provisions made for this mode cause the operators to struggle for
space both on the roads and parking lots with motorists and other road users. This has led to
increased congestion and other related difficulties hence an inefficient transportation system.
The study examined the facilities provided for handcarts, the problems faced and caused by
handcart drivers, why handcart operators and clients prefer them to other means of transport and
measures that can be taken to curb the challenges faced and problems caused by the handcarts.
The study involved collection of data from primary and secondary sources. Data collection
methods included; face to face interviews of persons and groups, administering questionnaires,
traffic counts, photograph taking and observation. Seventy persons were interviewed. Data
analysis was also done using GIS, Ms. Excel, paint and other methods.
The study established that there are no handcart facilities provided in the study area and most of
the facilities used by handcarts are meant for motorized vehicles. Other challenges identified
include: poor roads, motorists negative behaviours and harassment by County officers. Handcarts
were also found to cause inconveniences on major roads due to their slow speed and encroaching
on pedestrian spaces.
The study finally puts forward some key short-term and long-term recommendations to avert
the identified challenges. They include: development of a parking, loading and off-loading
facility, inclusion of the rail transport in the activities of Wakulima Market, upgrading of the
markets traders infrastructure, provision of more wholesale markets in the city, formulation of
a policy that provides for handcart transport, creating awareness on traffic rules and
regulations among the operators, improvement of the handcart technology and standardization
of mikokoteni sizes.

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