Micro-Enterprise Development And Environmental Management In Nairobi

The aim  of  this  dissertation  is  to  provide  an understanding of the relationship between Informal Sector activities and environmental status in urban areas, It is demonstrated that the understanding is important and should be   borne in mind when plans for location of informal sector.

Activities on one hand and environmental management efforts on the other are being drawn. More specifically, the study focuses on environmental management problems that arise in informal sector activity areas.  From this case a generalised approach for understanding environmental problems that are "Likely to arise as a result of Informal Sector Activities (I SA )  is  made.

The study set out to find the relationship between micro-enterprise development and environmental management problems Nairobi.  Micro-enterprises dealing in the sale of fruits and vegetables and second hand clothing were selected both in the CBD and Gorofani residential area for analysis. The study used personal observations, interviews and research questionnaires to collect data on environmental problems affecting micro-enterprise development, environmental problems resulting from the location of ISA in the CBD and Gorofani and health implications of the environmental problems identified. These were obtained from micro-enterprise operators, ISA buyers and urban environmental managers.

The study found out that there are environmental problems a the study area caused by the operations of ISA. Such problems include sensory environmental problems such as high ' noise levels, uncollected garbage, occupationally strenuous environments for micro-enterprises dust and high temperatures both in the CBD and Gorofani. It was also established that, the environmental problems identified have serious health on consequences for residents of Gorofani and the CBD. Such consequences include impaired hearing, and dust and garbage related diseases.

Based on the field findings, the study recommends a separation of "ISA” from formal planned activities like residential and formal commercial establishments in the study area. In situations where a total separation is not possible like in Gorofani, the study recommends a redesigning of this residential area to accommodate both residential and informal business activities. This should include the improvement of urban services like water, garbage collection and other conveniences, alongside the improvement of individual dwelling units to reduce the nuisance of high noise levels and dust caused by ISA in the study area.

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