This study focuses on the provision of student hostels by private sector in Ngara west sublocation,
Nairobi. The study has been necessitates by the acute shortage of hostels that are
provided by public and private universities and other tertiary institutions of learning. In the
recent past enrollment to institutions of higher learning has increased tremendously thus straining
available rooms in both public and private universities.
The study was conducted in Ngara west sub-location and it is geared towards finding out the
impact of growth of hostel accommodation on other land uses in the area.
The methodology of the research project involved background literature review so as to establish
the context of the research objectives. Data was collected using such instruments as:
questionnaire, interview schedules, observation and photography. The data collected was
analyzed by use of SPSS computer program with data presentation being done by use of tables,
graphs, figures and maps.
Simple random sampling was used to administer the questionnaires with samples being selected
from students, university administrators, private developers and urban planners from city council
of Nairobi. The study is therefore expected to propose a hostel zone in Ngara west sub-location
bounded by Kipande road, Murang’a road with men hostels separated from those of ladies by
chambers road. The provision of these private student hostels will be guided by guidelines that
will be developed later and the guidelines should be easily implemented, and also outline model
The study revealed that there were quite a number of hostels in Ngara west with majority of them
(70%) being converted from family residential houses to hostels. Only 30% of them have been
designed as hostels. It was also established that Ngara area is not zoned for hostels but they are
allowed through change of use as long as they maintain the neighbourhood character. Hostel
growth is largely boosted by the presence of several learning institutions in the city centre. There
is therefore need to intervene and plan for hostels in this area